For anglers who care for the environment

Line Trap is a premium product that removes fishing line waste from the environment in a simple and effective way

Line Trap – The Concept

Line Trap - Line Trap Fly - Holster

Line Trap ® is a simple and efficient tool that collects fishing line waste and tippet material and help anglers minimize their impact on the environment. With a diameter of 65 mm, height of 18 mm and a weight of 55 g Line Trap® can easily be handled even with one hand (see the video).

The product has a simple construction comprising a colouredanodized aluminum body with an inner plastic, spinning drum. An aluminum screw joins the two parts together. The inner drum carries a heavy duty Velcro material whose hooks capture the line waste. Through the spinning action of the drum any fishing line is efficiently and effectively retained within the housing of the Line Trap®.
In order to optimize the function of the Line Trap® precision was paramount in the manufacturing process with distances between the housing and the drum being only 0.02 mm.

The slimmer model, Line Trap Fly, is only 11 mm wide and weighs 35 g. It is designed to help you collect mainly thinner tippet materials and fishing line wastes.

The Line Trap Holster is a worthy solution to the need of having some kind of option for “fixing” the Line Trap to one place. In addition, the holster can be used for carrying two-three slim spools with Tippet material. You can cut the Velcro to the length that fits the width of your belt. The leather is vegetable tanned and saturated with grease to withstand water.


Materials in Line Trap® are carefully selected with a focus on product’s aesthetics, functionality and durability in mind.

Due to the materials and precision used in construction of the device, Line Trap® should not be exposed to temperatures exceeding 40 °C, such as in direct sunlight. In the event that function is lost through exposure to excessive temperature, the function of the device can be restored through immersion in cold water or by placing it in the shade.

Line Trap® can store the following lengths of line waste before reaching its capacity.
Line .35mm (10-16 m)
Line .16mm (15 m) + .20mm (15 m)
Line .16mm (10 m) + .18mm (10 m) + .20 mm (5 m)

Jonas Långmark and Pontus Säfström work in partnership at VMI AB.


Line Trap® is produced exclusively at VMI AB in Malung, Sweden and is a registered trademark with the Community Design Registration No. 002403089-0001

Line Trap Holster is manufactured exclusively at Edvardson Sweden i Malungsfors, Sweden.