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For anglers who are responsible and care for the environment

The Story

I am a simple angler who loves fishing and feel most at home by the water.  

And like many of you, I have looked many times at a line waste floating downstream after I failed to push it down into the pocket of the fishing vest. 

It hasn't felt good.   

If you take the estimated 22 000 000 annual recreational angling days in Sweden and using an average of 1 meter of waste fishing line per trip, this could account to more than 20 000 km of waste – keeping in mind a trip from Malung to the Great Barrier Reef is around 15,000km!!

It has been my dream for many years to win the fight against line waste and harm to the environment.  It feels like the fight is over now.  

The journey that I took to reach this goal was quite a challenging one. But in the end, it was certainly worthwhile.  Along the way, I had the fortune of meeting and working with many wonderful people who have helped my dream came true.  

I hope you receive as much enjoyment when using Line Trap® as I received in developing it. 

Jonas Långmark, Line Trap®

"Be truthful and honest at all times.
Follow the rhythm of Nature.
Do what you know to be right.
Enjoy the journey of your life, but leave no tracks."

Free after Saunkeah, Cherokee